Ed and Flo

Ed and Flo

Cafe Curve provides a bolt hole for respite from the surface turmoil. Since the advent of Sat Nav no one is concerned with it’s true geographical location, nor the weird sense of scale & perspective afforded the clientele by artistic licence. Pond life & intellects mix & mingle, rumour has it this is where you can top up with some truly artificial intelligence as it ricochets across the ethernet.


As a waterfowl (of disputed lineage), genetically Flo should fear the sound of lolloping paws approaching. But detailed observation has taught the bird a lot – mainly that a certain overexcited, long eared dog cannot master either stealth or precision. Flo is  in-tune with her environment, recognising that common sense & tact have a far greater value than muscle or technology when it comes to survival.


While Ed’s ancestors spent millennia building successful working communities with the help of chemical trails, he embraces the modern age with Wi-Fi, to become the literal bug in the system.






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